For professionals

For Professionals

We Work with You for Your Patients Best Overall Care.

At Mays Home Care, we take great pride in taking care of your patients’ needs with efficiency and effectiveness. We strive to give your patients the quality care that they deserve while also adhering to your preferences as their provider. We will follow your preferred method of communication whether that be through secured email, fax, or other mediums such as Doctor Alliance.

When a patient is leaving a facility, we will talk with the patient and next of kin prior to discharge to ensure a smooth transition to home. When discharging from a facility, we will work with the facility to identify patient needs and assist in coordinating with DME as needed prior to their discharge. Our goal is preventing rehospitalization.

Mays Home Care Best Practices

  • We will call you to confirm we have received any referral or documentation
  • We will notify you once we have confirmation that we can accept your patient
  • Once admitted, we will immediately contact you with abnormal assessment findings or equipment concerns that could adversely affect the patient’s condition.

What do we need to quickly process your referral?

  • Home health diagnosis and other general diagnosis information
  • Order to admit to home health
  • Physician or NP Face to Face and supporting documentation
  • Services that you are requesting for that specific patient

Go Paperless, Sign Electronically

Our agency can help facilitate Doctor Alliance:

  • Eliminate all paperwork coming from ALL your agencies and partners—not just Mays Home Care.
  • Assist with CPO billing to get you reimbursed for all of your chronic care, transitional care, care plan oversight work.
  • Spend seconds—not hours—on signing all of your agency documents.

Physician & Provider Testimonials

How has your experience with Mays positively impacted your patients and/or your office?